pepsi’s new limited edition can

One of my very best friends in the whole world ever even though he has only called me back once since getting married in June is a Brand Manager for a packaged goods company. In that one call that we have had since he settled in to some marital bliss, he talked about the primacy of packaging and packaging innovation in driving sales of CPG products.

Pointing to the innovation behind the Heineken keg can, the design of the Method line of cleaning products and the Target prescription pill packs that drove sales as well as his own experience was pretty convincing.

It seems, though, that the key advantage of packaging innovation is its short-term ability to boost sales and, critically for companies that rely on display activity to sell, to get retailer support. Which is probably why Pepsi, after redoing its packaging last year, is coming out with a limited-edition can:


Commissioned by BBDO and designed by JKaczmarek for an ad campaign, the smart money is on Pepsi releasing this can to market during a short promotional period (though, if I may, I would suggest that they add another logo there as it can currently be merchandised without any branding being visible)…and who knows, maybe it will an annual thing.

If nothing else, it’s an attractive design.


2 responses to “pepsi’s new limited edition can

  1. professional babysitter

    i like the mountain dew aluminium bottles even more. however, i’m having no luck finding ’em at my 7-11.

  2. Merchandised without any branding? That’d be… That’d be generic. or would it? Anyway, I love that lettering, and I think it’s worth it to have it be branded if we get to keep that lettering.

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