brevity is underrated…sometimes

Just recently I stumbled upon a blog by Dan Balser of The Creative Circus called the Headline-A-Day Page. It is exactly what it says it is.

The headline that I liked the most was the Brevity is Underrated. I would love it if I had a succinct and powerful reason why, but this is going to take some explanation. And anyway, what’s the point of a blog if you can’t get a little wordy, right? I’m sick of word count limits imposed by things like OOH boards and banner ads. I wanna get expansive!

In advertising, brevity is underrated a lot of times, especially in meetings. I don’t know how often colleagues, clients and even yours truly has started off on a powerfully insightful explanation of whatever is being presented only to attempt to hit on every aspect and just get lost in a muddle of information. This also happens at internal planning meetings. And it is the modus operandi of our weekly creative status.

Unfortunately, brevity is very highly valued when it comes to briefs.

Or at least it was this morning.


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