bob garfield has a new blog

A helpful reader has just informed me that this is not the only blog that is taking the piss out of everyone’s favorite ad critic…which is kind of nice. It’s like having another partner in crime. It is also fun trying to think of the movie allusion Bob Garfield will use next to slag off of the silly blogger who dares to question him.

My guess is that he’ll use Kill Bill, positioning himself as the “Black Mamba.” There is no reasoning behind this guess.

The blog in question is over at News Groper, a site that features satirical blogs by celebrities, politicians, etc. It’s funny across the board and, though Bob Garfield should be flattered to be in the company he is in, he will likely just be upset.

Bob Garfield’s Blog” has just gotten started, and positions itself as a distinctly different offering: “Unlike the so-called official blog over at AdAge that I never post on, this one is the true mausoleum of my unfiltered thoughts and opinions.”

I can’t wait.


One response to “bob garfield has a new blog

  1. Rumor has it is that the word “douche bag” was invented for Bob Garfield. You could probably double-check that on Wikipedia.

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