a few inches of snow shuts down the agency

The weather is bad on the east coast today, with train delays and traffic snarls and the threat of freezing rain later on to make everything worse. Made me happy that, in a pinch, I can just throw on some boots and walk a few blocks to office.

And then I got in and settled at my desk and realized that living close was not a good thing after all.

I know that the weather is bad an all, and if I were commuting from Brooklyn, New Jersey or Connecticut like some of my co-workers, I would not be excited about the hassles and inevitable delays that would accompany my trek into the city. But bad weather is merely an inconvenience, it isn’t reason enough for a good twenty people not to make the commute (they say that they “don’t feel comfortable” making it…I don’t feel comfortable doing their work because we’re still on deadline and they’re not here). It’s not like this is a state of emergency. And the roads aren’t closed. The trains are still running. It is still completely possible to make it to work.

Or at least that’s what I thought. These days, a few inches of snow is just an excuse for a day off.

And I live too close to work to take advantage of it…


3 responses to “a few inches of snow shuts down the agency

  1. You’re from Minnesota. You guys have blizzards there 10 months a year and all live in igloos with your pet polar bears and moose. So taking the snowmobus to work isn’t an issue. Just strap on your mukluks, snowshoes and go.

    We New Yorkers are far more delicate;)

  2. I love my mukluks and can’t believe that you know what they are…Toad, are you a Minnesotan in disguise?!

  3. Reading this from sunny Arizona, la de da, where people are complaining that it’s cloudy and 50. Timed this trip, right. Have a fun and mukluking weekend, daily biz. Jumping over to read your friend Mr. Garfield’s new blog…

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