holiday inn is the new hotspot

The latest iteration of the Stay Smart campaign for Holiday Inn Express is out. The spots, like the originals, are by Fallon and they play off of research-based insights on how heavy travelers in the Holiday Inn Express target travel:

The spot above is based on the finding that nearly half of business travelers have been hit on in the morning, with 14% of those forming actual romantic relationships after the fact.

Initially, I thought that the spot was playing the same sort of quirky humor that had done so well for the brand since the Stay Smart campaign broke earlier this decade:

But…there is more to it, and the research-based strategy will not only certainly pay dividends, but it makes the spot much more than good casting and all that. There are four spots in the campaign, each of them playing off of the insight of the breakfast bar as a popular social scene where business people dine, flirt and socialize.

Now that I know this insight, I will no longer just roll out of bed and make a mad dash to get ready in time for us to leave for the presentation. No way. I am going to make it happen on the road. There’s a 14% chance of success!

More strong work from Fallon; they’re getting right back on track.


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