ferrell’s campaign for real beauty

Will Ferrell, who is starring in the upcoming movie Semi-Pro, is featured as part of a viral campaign to support the movie…the campaign is direct mail-ish and features Ferrell in what can only be the next iteration of the Campaign for Real Beauty:


The cover of the card says “Let’s get sweaty.”


2 responses to “ferrell’s campaign for real beauty

  1. wow. that’s an awesome piece! it is about time that guys got their “real beauty” campaign, i’ve read some research that suggests that men are also negatively influenced by the fashion/beauty industry.

  2. I believe it…not that I am vain or otherwise obsessed with my looks, but with a body not unlike Will Ferrell’s (only with less hair – thank God for small mercies) I can see why a lot of men would be negatively influenced by the fashion industry.

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