bird’s eye won’t win an award, but will sell veggies

It’s really fun and glamorous to do advertising on big brands with big budgets, to do advertising on passion products (the products that Tangerine Toad calls “Prom King Brands” because they are the ones that consumers want to align with), to do work that appeals to the cool, hip and tech-savvy.

Apple Computer springs to mind as an example. So does Absolut. BMW for a car enthusiast.

What does not get any advertising professional’s heart pumping is a brand like Bird’s Eye Foods, maker of frozen vegetables. The consumer of frozen vegetables is either a young family or an older couple. They don’t really want a viral video or a big-budget ad campaign. They see frozen vegetables as a way to provide mealtime solutions for themselves or their family, and they choose frozen because it is convenient. The most successful way to sell the product is to show it and show consumers how to use it to make their meals better.

There is a reason that frozen food makers rarely do work that walks off with creative awards.

But it’s not always about winning at Cannes. Good work builds the brand and drives consumer action – and if your consumers aren’t driven by the type of work or react to the specific tactic that wins you a Gold Lion, the smart marketer does something different. Maybe it’s not as flashy, but effective (in terms of brand building and sales) isn’t always flashy.

Going back to Bird’s Eye, the brand has launched the World of Bird’s Eye program that is an online destination resource for meals that a consumer can go to every day or every week for meal solutions:


New recipes will be featured at the site each week, a downloadable recipe widget will be available and it acts as a platform for promotional overlays that the brand may run.

Again, this idea and creative won’t wow the Art Director’s Club of New York…but it doesn’t have to. All it needs to do is offer a solution for Susie, mother of two, from Des Moines who has a bag of frozen broccoli and some thawed chicken and needs something new to cook. As long as that solution builds the brand and incents purchase, making it work for the fictional Susie and others like her will do the job.

Awards be damned.

Creative is by ad agency Circle One and development is by Clever Method.


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