the biz is sick

I seem to have picked up one of the more virulent strains of flu that has been making its way around the city and, as a result, am laid out for at least the day. Valentine’s Day has always been good to me.

I will nap, have some soup, watch daytime television and otherwise do all of the little things that I do to get myself healthy.

And will resume posting as soon as possible.


4 responses to “the biz is sick

  1. Feel better buddy.
    There will be an even prettier AE one day who will be thrilled to be your valentine.

    Meanwhile, get some rest.

  2. Thanks Toad, I appreciate it!

  3. I hope you feel better. I also would like to say I find your blog interesting, I’m learning a lot about the advertising world. Yeah, I’m still that college kid who graduates pretty soon and is at a lost as to what she’ll do with her degree 😦

  4. Emma – I am glad that you find the blog interesting! Hopefully, it doesn’t turn you off from advertising which, like any profession has its ups and downs, pros and cons and the like. Despite the occasional frustrations, it’s still a lot of fun.

    As for what to do after college, I remember the feeling well (and have a sister who is going through it now). If you would like to email me perhaps I could connect you with some people should you be interested in the industry.

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