you big old softie, you

Milan agency 1861 United usually checks in with solid work whenever I am kicking around at i believe in advertising. Today doesn’t disappoint…and teaches a lesson on how art direction and the right photographer can make an ad.


The idea behind the ad and the campaign isn’t overly original; I actually had a similar campaign for another brand in my book coming out of ad school and even executed a version of this idea for a pro bono account early in my copywriting career (and I am sure that I am not the only one). That said, the idea is still solid, on strategy and it definitely works in this context and for this brand.

What really makes this ad work is the art direction and the photography.

From the delicate copy to the shadowing and color tone in the image, every element is tuned to the dichotomy between the hard dudes and the soft cashmere. The fashion house ad style also adds to the visual as the absolutely-not-a-fashion-model guys glare out from the layout.

It’s a good ad, and though it may not win any awards for its original idea it does what it is supposed to do in an appealing and breakthrough way.


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