sitting next to the pretty ae

I know that recent posts have been unusually negative. By all accounts, especially my own, I am a positive guy who brings a little ray of sunlight into the lives of my coworkers and friends so it has been unusual to have the balance of posts with the tone and content that they had. Why was this the case? I cannot tell a lie…

Bob Garfield did it.

Ha ha! I’m here all week. In all seriousness, the blame is to be laid at the foot of my subliminal disappointment with The Pretty AE…more specifically, with the fact that The Pretty AE is dating someone else. It’s a frustrating situation.

The worst part is that, with the football season gone, I have lost the easiest way to get her to hang out with me. I have never gotten more from a sport, not even when I was in high school and wearing the crap out of my letter jacket in the hope that the girls would notice.

And, to make it worse, I am being moved so I sit right next to her.

If I overhear any lovey-dovey conversations with the new guy I might actually throw up on my keyboard. Or at least on the floor next to my desk.


One response to “sitting next to the pretty ae

  1. Well, she won’t be able not to hang out with you now, DailyBiz. My prediction: forced proximity may make her see you in a new light…or you may begin to see HER in a new one.

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