honeyshed really is the internet qvc

A while back I called Honeyshed, that online shopping utility created by Droga5, “the internet QVC” because that pretty much sums up the whole enterprise.

The people in the videos are hipper than regular QVC, but that basic idea of Honeyshed is the same. It just lives online.

It turns out that David Droga, who is selling the crap out of Honeyshed, is selling it as “MTV meets QVC”. He must read the Daily (Ad) Biz (which would put him in good company along with my Mom and David Lubars).

Or he must realize that, no matter how the casting and script has been tweaked to be relevant with a younger, tech savvy audience, he’s selling an old idea in a new media. And the best way to describe that idea is to call it what it is:

The internet QVC.


One response to “honeyshed really is the internet qvc

  1. I love this site! I can’t believe how much crap they are getting for this! I don’t know what I would do without the Hookup each day!

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