best recruiting site ever

Mullen has the unfortunate luck to have a major location in Winston-Salem. I say unfortunate not because I dislike North Carolina…in fact, the opposite is true. I say unfortunate because it is hard to attract hipsters from New York to anywhere in flyover country and Winston-Salem is in flyover country.

So, to recruit, an agency has to resort to a little creativity (something they should be good at).

Mullen has with their site Straight Outta Winston which you should definitely “peep,” as it were:



2 responses to “best recruiting site ever

  1. Can you be on the East Coast and in flyover country at the same time?

  2. Strangely enough, you do.

    South of the Mason-Dixon line you enter flyover country just like you do west of the Appalachians up to the Rockies.

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