virgin america launches new campaign

Virgin America, a JetBlue-like new airline that currently flies to five American cities, is rolling out its first major ad campaign. San Francisco agency Eleven is responsible for the largely out-of-home launch campaign.

The campaign will target markets where the airline flies or will soon fly, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas and New York City, will use the brand’s eleVAte tagline on all pieces and is designed to differentiate the brand as one that is fun.

In addition to outdoor and print advertising, radio promotions will offer the chance to win concert tickets in Virgin America markets.

I wish the brand well, though there are serous misgivings over the positioning. Fun? Flying, even at its very best, is never actually fun. It can be tolerable. It can be surprisingly short, easy or even comfortable. But it can’t be fun (unless it’s your first business trip and you’re not yet jaded by the whole thing).

That said, I wouldn’t put anything past Virgin. They, with their Virgin Atlantic brand, are one of the few airlines with strong branding and they clearly get this whole marketing thing.

So they get the benefit of the doubt.


One response to “virgin america launches new campaign

  1. VirginAmerica=AWSOME but 1 BAD emp#135101 name=IAN

    There was two of us with ONE 75 pound lugage checking in an Over weight lugage in San Francisco (SFO)
    So, I stepped aside to re-packed it, then weighed 68 pounds. Only to be hassle again and then asked to weigh my carry on.

    The carry-on weighed 35 pound for two of us.

    The pushy IAN forced us to check our carry-on in because that too was overwieght. Split between two people would have been 17.5 pounds easily.

    My Question is “Did IAN have a bad day with his boy friend or girl friend?”

    Doing a job you don’t like is worse than losing your job.

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