the worst super bowl commercial ever

In an attempt to pretend that the Sales Genie commercials never happened, the Daily (Ad) Biz is happy to announce that the commercial announcing the launch of the Gillette Fusion razor from 2005 remains that worst commercial ever run during the Super Bowl:

Hopefully you speak Dutch because I could only find the foreign version of this spot, but I can paraphrase the copy from memory:

“When a good idea meets execution, a good product is born…that product is Gillette Fusion. A product with a lot of blades and a hefty price. Buy now!”

The spot really did say that first part which was shocking. My sister called me from a Super Bowl party to make sure that I was in no way involved in that spot…luckily, it was the folks at BBDO (the spot featured no big music star, which was out of their comfort zone, so they sort of have an excuse).


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