the world’s grossest art project

The world’s grossest art project started so well, with an assignment to create an ad campaign that would convince people not to litter the streets of Sydney with bubble gum and, as the person who inevitably steps in gum on the street, I can get behind that in a serious way.

The solution to the marketing problem, as shown at i believe in advertising, was simple and elegant; the agency, DDB, found something that people could do with their gum instead of spit it out on the street:


Yep, they plan to make art with used chewing gum. Art with something that has been the mouths of other people. Paint-by-numbers boards using as paint something that has been chewed by and stewed in the saliva of people you don’t know.

I am so grossed out.


One response to “the world’s grossest art project

  1. seems cool. can’t wait to see the finished piece. You need to post that when it’s done, assuming it’s not stolen.

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