match’s website should be burned down

A friend of mine is looking for a new job, but wants to stay in Atlanta…and there just isn’t a lot of advertising goodness in Atlanta. That is a real challenge for me because she keeps sending me places that she is interested in and applying to and I try to act interested, but a lot of them are places that look awful.

I base my opinion on two factors: 1. I have never heard of the agency and 2. their website sucks.

Like this newest place she is excited about, Match. They may secretly be the best ad agency on the planet. They may have so much talent that in five year’s time we will talk about them as the new Crispin. They may extinguish all evil from the world. They may do it all, but I can’t get over how bad their website is:


An ad agency website needs to do two main things. First, it has to show off the agency’s creative chops to potential and current clients. This matters less when you are a name place whose awards speak for themselves, but Match is not one of those places and their site looks like it was designed in basic HTML in 1998. Second, the shop has to appeal to potential clients and potential hires who want to learn more about the agency. What is their ethos, what work are they proud of, who are they? Oh, and what clients do they have:


It’s all well and good that you like to call your clients by their first names (I like to call your copywriter by the name hack), but I want to know which brands you work for and you have now made me click twice to get there. And the interim click, on a page that tells me nothing of use, is completely wasted.

They say that their thinking is their point of difference (an ad agency positioned as an idea company…at least they didn’t say that their originality was their point of difference), but they have not thought out their website in the least.

How do I pretend to be excited about my friend applying there?


4 responses to “match’s website should be burned down

  1. Actually DB, an agency website has an even more basic task: let me find the agency’s address and phone number quickly and painlessly. Because if I’m not looking for a job there (or even if I am) the main reason I’m looking at the site is often to narrow “over near Times Square somewhere” down to “236 West 41st Street. 9th floor”

    It’s amazing how many of them fail at even that basic task.

  2. Websites matter. People who don’t believe that are strange and unfortunate.

    I feel brilliant, now, for being fired from a place that doesn’t “have time” to make a website. Now I get all their traffic, because I wrote about them. Funny stuff. Real life.

  3. I love agencies. There’s almost TOO MUCH material.

  4. very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understandt it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

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