interview q & a

An interview question that I always ask, because it always seems to lead to an interesting answer (or rant), is why the candidate is looking for a new job. For example, if you are the guy that Agency Tart spoke to today, you are looking for a new job because your ESP told you that you would be a huge success at her firm.

Hard to beat an interview question that could result in an answer that includes ESP.

If you are the guy I interviewed this morning for a junior art director position, your answer was less interesting but far more effective. He simply said that he wasn’t looking…but when he heard that our agency had an opening he wanted to get his book into our hands because we do the kind of work he wants to do.

He could have been blowing smoke up my ass for all I know, but that is a good answer.

A really good answer.


One response to “interview q & a

  1. That’s always a tricky question. I usually opt for something along the line of your junior AD, occasionally leaving out the first part. You don’t want to seem like a malcontent and (no matter how badly you’re dying to say it) you don’t want to tell them “my boss is a hack, there are no good accounts, I hate my partner and please, please, please. get me the heck out of there!”

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