giants win & the biz’s super bowl recap

What a Super Bowl. I may not work off this hangover for the rest of the week, and it was completely worth it to see the Giants take down the now 18-1 New England Cheaters. And it was a good game, too.

But you aren’t here to read about my take on the football any more than I am qualified to talk about it, so on to what really matters about the Super Bowl: the ads.

Best in Show / E*Trade. Usually, using babies to shill online trading would be creepy, but the quality of the animation and the casting for the voiceover are perfect. The deadpan humor is engaging, especially for the target, and the ad stays on message the entire time. The second ad even manages to get in a fart joke without being to base. On strategy, memorable and a fart joke? That’s a sweet trifecta.

Worst in Show / The first time this series of risque ads ran, it was right after the Janet Jackson nipple thing when everyone was scared to get close to sexy. So GoDaddy’s spot, though blatantly sexual and not talking at all about the brand, was still relevant to pop culture and kind of fun as it thumbed its nose at the reaction to the nip slip. Now…it’s just blatantly sexual and not talking about the brand. What does GoDaddy even do? What does anyone care?

You Fired Your Old Agency for This? / I am not saying that I loved the monkeys or the jungle-themed, but I liked them. Which is more than I can say for the new campaign which had people at the party I was at just saying “what…?” Weird for weirdness’ sake does not equal good advertising.

Best Promotional Ad / Pepsi. Justin Timberlake, based mainly on his appearances on Saturday Night Live, is a pretty funny guy, which helps because promotional ads are usually not all that good. It’s a lot of information to jam into a spot when you have to get the brand, the promotion explanation and some sort of creative hook. But Pepsi did a good job of it by following their tried-and-true high production values and big-name music star formula.

The “What Dude?” Award for Randomest Spot / Life Water. Let me first say that I love Michael Jackson. If I had to listen to one song on repeat for the rest of my life, it would be Billie Jean. Thriller would be a close second. But Thrillicous? Dancing lizards? What dude?

Now I am going to go make fun of The Pretty AE because – boo hoo! – the Patriots lost.


One response to “giants win & the biz’s super bowl recap

  1. thanks for compiling and putting these up for us who are not from States and did not watch the Superbowl !

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