pepsi builds buzz around silence

Pepsi has dramatically changed gears for at least on of its Super Bowl spots. The brand that has built its advertising on high production values, big time celebrities, music and little else is running a spot that is…silent:

Playing off of an inside joke in the deaf community, the spot is fairly cute on its own merits. It will definitely be breakthrough, simply because the silence will stand out from the rest of the ads that blare out from the TV (why stations let advertisers set the levels of their spots so high is beyond me and a strain for my TV’s speakers). On the Super Bowl, being breakthrough really matters because breakthrough is remembered and talked about the next day.

Further, because of the PR hook that inherent in the commercial that Pepsi has successfully leveraged, the spot is working even harder – because people are talking about it before it has even premiered – than others that will run with it.

Oh, and as the Dallas Morning News reports, the spot was concepted by a Pepsi employee.


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