missing the glory years of budweiser advertising

I miss Budweiser advertising. Not that the brewing giant has stopped running ads, but rather that they have stopped running the memorable pop culture classics that they used to.

The current campaign for the base Budweiser brand with Rob Riggle reminds me a lot of Rob Riggle himself…sort of bordering on funny because I think that it should be funny but when I think about why I didn’t laugh it is because what he said wasn’t really funny even though I expected that it would be:

Through this whole spot (and every spot in this campaign) I keep waiting for the funny line to come out. Riggle has that look on his face that says that he is about to say something really funny…Budweiser has always been really funny…but then nothing happens. They just talk about how hard it is to brew a lager (which sounds like a cheap way to excuse how Budweiser tastes).

When I get to the end of the commercial I don’t even know why I watched.

But then the next one comes on and I think that this one, because it is a Budweiser spot and because Rob Riggle has that look on his face like he is going to say something funny, just might actually be funny.



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