apple advertising is bad…not

Every once in a while I get a little cocky and try to slip certain things into an ad and see if they will slide past a client. For example, once in a while I try to convince the art director to break the lines so that I spell my name with the first letter on each line. Always fun.

Of course, because I am kind of immature, there is the occasional inside sexual joke that I try to make. That is more fun for me because it never makes it out of the agency. Unlike the agency that managed to slip an ad for Many Islands Low Fares, which they abbreviated MILF, past Spirit Airlines (that agency’s account team can sell anything and, to quote Top Gun, can be my wingman any time).

Usually, I just see if I can sneak in a stupid word like “kerfuffle” or if I can get away with something like Apple did in their ad for Leopard:

The campaign, by TBWA/Chiat/Day, is getting a little old by now but not only have they done a great job at utilizing alternate media (this has been running as an online ad that interacts with actual content on the sites – I have seen it on the Wall Street Journal and New York Times sites – that it is running on) but they used “not” as the payoff line in the ad.

I am so jealous.


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