sex is everywhere but target isn’t

For some reason, people are upset about a Target outdoor board. They say that it is sexual. Perhaps.

If the Target board is sexual, then there is sex everywhere (except in my life). Take this Absolut ad I tracked down at Adrants…look at it with the eyes of your typical middle schooler and tell me that it doesn’t look like a woo-woo no-no place:


The point here, of course, is to make fun of the busybodies who see sex everywhere, in the most basic and mundane comment or gesture or advertisement…and then complain about it. The Target board is not sexual. The Absolut ad is not sexual.

Not that Target is blameless in this whole mess. AdPulp has the goods on their odd non-response to an angry blogger because “Target does not participate with non-traditional media outlets.”

I would have not responded to the angry blogger because they are being ridiculous.

How could Target, a company and brand known and celebrated for having revolutionized branding and the in-store experience for big box retailers, a company considered to be so in touch with trends and their consumer, think that it could opt-out of participating in non-traditional media? They are turning their back on a vocal segment of their consumer base. At their own peril.


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