4 responses to “microsoft is a poisoned chalice

  1. A) Vista’s been out for a while, so it won’t be Fallon’s fault.
    B) They’ll sell the idea of Microsoft, the concept of a company that can let you express yourself however you want, or some bullshit like that. MS has always been pushing an inferior product. They still rule the world. Unfortunately.
    C) I don’t think this is a make or break pitch for Fallon. As far as relevancy goes, in this game, it’s always been “what have you done for me lately.” They’ll find something else, but I doubt they’ll drift off into obscurity.

  2. The Pretty AE should date you for correctly using a word like “Chalice”

    And for referencing me in your post.

  3. @ mikelite: Thanks for the comment. Your points make a lot of sense, though I do have to disagree with you on at least your first two.

    Yes, Vista has been out for a while but the brief for Fallon will surely be hinged on turning around the perception and sales gap that Vista has been experiencing relative to expectations. How will they do that with a product that is clearly inferior not only to what Mac has out, but to the previous product from the same company?

    Also, though the Microsoft product may have spent much of its time as inferior to Mac in many respects, it was always the cheaper alternative for those that didn’t need the capability (and considerable cost) of a Mac. So Mac wasn’t the competition. The competition was itself…and it can’t even beat itself. What can advertising do when it is common knowledge that a company spent all this time and money on a product that isn’t as good as its last one?

    I am inclined to agree with you on your last point in a general way, though for the morale of the shop and to shore up their position as an agency that top clients should consider, this is an EXTREMELY important pitch. If they can grab a big piece of business, and from the current hot shop to boot, it will be a big statement.

    @ TT: I wish I could tell her that you said that…

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