kudos to the account side

Dear Jane Sample, a great blog, has a post today about treating your account person nicely. It’s a timely post too because I want to hug one of the account guys I work with because I just got a brief that is excellent. Dripping with insight, full of target consumer information, clear on objectives and watch-outs, it is the sort of brief that I would take home to mother if that were socially acceptable.

It’s easy, if you are a creative, to get frustrated by the account team. And just as easy, if you are an account person, to get frustrated by creatives. The foibles and attitudes and failings of both groups have been painstakingly catalogued.

It’s tough because neither group works for each other. So while an Account Director can get the AEs to do exactly what she says, it’s a lot tougher just to tell the creative team what to do (though it has been tried). But both teams need to move in the same direction.

Some bad apples, bad attitudes and thin skins make it easy to turn into a disaster.

But there are good on both sides, and I take this opportunity to thank my account guy (who has obviously internalized Advergirl’s advice for newbies). You just made my day.


2 responses to “kudos to the account side

  1. thanks for the love …. well all appreicate it.

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