commodity no more

My first book right out of ad school used to have some ads for Duracell (parity product and all that), but then Acme Idea Company launched their fantastic campaign for the brand:

You can probably remember when advertising for batteries was nothing more than competing ads from Duracell and Energizer talking about how their batteries had more power. Before you knew it, nobody cared and batteries were well on their way to becoming a commodity.

Then this campaign ran and it became about more than power. It became about trust because, whether it is you and your daughter or you and the EMT trying to save your life, when it just has to work only Duracell is the battery to choose. And, really, that is what batteries are about. Nobody cares about the battery, they just need to be able to rely on it to make whatever product it is in work.

The current Duracell campaign, though now getting a little long in the tooth, rescued the brand from commodity suicide and made their power claims actually mean something.

Batteries don’t only have to be serious, though. Over at i believe in advertising I ran into an ad for Energizer by DDB Johannesburg that takes a more whimsical approach:


I have to be honest, this used to happen to my roommates a lot in college and I am not sure that having a light in the bathroom would have resulted in a different ending.

My roommates were special people.


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