omnipresent manning is still really funny

I was really getting behind the Colts last night, not because I have any connection with Indianapolis, affinity with the team or overwhelming interest in football. I was really getting behind the Colts because Peyton Manning is absolutely hilarious:

You can also make your own personalized pep talk and send it to a friend which, while done before, is still pretty fun.

Manning is one of the few spokespeople who I don’t mind seeing in commercials (or, in his case, in every single commercial currently running). He is funny, seems not to take himself all that seriously and is a surprisingly good actor. The only issue is that he is in so many commercials that I start to forget which brand he is shilling for. And the value of having him as a spokesperson is watered down because a lot of brands have him as a spokesperson. Or at least it seems that way. Still funny though.

Now please excuse me while I go buy some bigger shirts.


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