a staggering action of heartbreaking outcome

Saturday night in Chelsea a group of my friends and I ran across The Pretty AE and a group of her friends…it was unplanned and serendipitous and, emboldened by all of the reader comments, I figured that there was no better time than the present to see if I couldn’t break things out of the unrequited stage.

While the chance meeting was a nice beginning, the initial conversation very quickly went pear shaped: The Pretty AE has started seeing someone else.

But, figuring that I had come this far, I wasn’t about to just let it be and walk away (I had also had a few to drink…I am Dutch myself which, I suspect, makes Dutch courage all the more potent). So I did the only thing that I could think to do:

I kissed her.

Much like the video clip, she seemed fairly receptive…but still attached. The kiss ended at the kiss and, while I tried to awkwardly tell her…to tell her…something about how I felt and had felt and she made me feel and all that sort of dry and uninteresting talk that one hopes is a prelude to something more (or at least another kiss), she said that she was dating someone, couldn’t do it and walked off.

The story then takes a turn for the macabre.

We were supposed to meet up to watch the Giants game on Sunday and, despite what had happened, The Pretty AE hadn’t cancelled. But then she didn’t show…after inquiries, I found that it was because her grandmother had died. A terrible loss. So she had left for her parents’ home in Massachusetts, leaving the second chapter (read: the awkwardly pretending that what had happened hadn’t really happened chapter) all still to be written.

You never know. Jim did end up with Pam in the end.


6 responses to “a staggering action of heartbreaking outcome

  1. ai! well … at least now you know she doesn’t find you repulsive – that’s the good news.

  2. oh bother. well, congrats on going in for the smooch. Now you can turn your attention to The Mildly Retarded Janitor!

  3. To second Jane Sample, at least she didn’t kick you in the balls, and go “yuck!”

    Brave move and, like Jim and Pam, it sounds like there’s hope.

  4. Still sounds better than a pencil or lion in the grand scheme of things.

  5. Hang in there, DB. It’s not over till it’s over. Funerals tend to make you reassess things.

  6. Bravo my man! Can’t wait to hear chapter two, did you get her a card yet?

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