horrifying rumor about the pretty ae

The big presentation that we got all pumped up about yesterday went really well…which means that I am pretty hung over today from celebrating (I drank like Agency Tart and had some vodka with my Russian co-worker…with predictable consequences).

Adding to the pain of the hangover is the current rumor floating around that The Pretty AE, heretofore unattached and at least marginally interested in hanging out with me once in a while (while I secretly lust after her), may be dating someone.


We, and some friends, are watching her beloved Patriots on Sunday down at the local and I plan to get to the bottom of this.

Whether I want to know the answer or not.


8 responses to “horrifying rumor about the pretty ae

  1. Biz,
    As a beloved reader, I feel I can offer you these words of advice…DO IT. You just need to talk to her. How is she supposed to know you’d love to date her if you never tell her?

  2. Looks like you’ll have a pretty good hangover on Monday if the answer is “yes”. Good luck.

  3. You need to ask her out or tell her you dig her – A LOT. Hey I know just send her a link to this blog and say it’s yours. She’ll figure it out.

  4. oh shit. This is it Biz, time to make your move.

  5. I like Jane’s idea. Although could be disastrous downsides to outing yourself to a coworker. Maybe just try to get her alone and clue her in the old fashioned way. At least you’d resolve things. And if it’s not meant to be, there are other pretty ae’s out there–right, first commenter?

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  7. Thank you all for the comments – I finally took them and, though it may not have been perfectly idyllic (I dawdled a bit too long perhaps), it was the right move. And you never know, it could always work out.

    With her or another of the Pretty AEs in the sea.

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