office pep talks will pump you up

There is a big presentation today here at the House of Biz and nervous tension is high as we wait for the actual presentation to commence.

Luckily, we had a nice little pep talk from Bozo the Clown, the lead CD here at the agency, who informed us that we had all worked hard, had great work and that if we gave it 110% in the presentation we would bring it home. Boilerplate stuff. But since it is so boilerplate, what if the other agencies are also going to give 110%? We won’t have that 10% edge!

So I suggested that perhaps we give 111%…and it’s odds even that Bozo the Clown kills me in my sleep tonight.

To really get the adrenaline pumping I have been watching old Nike commercials:

But even these pose a bit of an issue because if we leave nothing but are expected to have leave-behinds and…oh wait, I get it.

Go team.


4 responses to “office pep talks will pump you up

  1. FUCK! I hate those speeches! When I was at Publicis NY, they would drop that shit on us EVERY DAY! No one believes them and I’m pretty sure they make people feel horrible about themselves and their work. So sorry dude.

  2. Our agency gives 109%, so you’re safe.

  3. My concern is that your agency, while you might only give 109%, might actually PRODUCE 97% while my agency, with Bozo the Clown in charge, will give 111% and yet only produce 83%.

    It’s just another reason I always hated office pep talks – they don’t make any sense!

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