working out is good but the equinox ads are better

Through a cruel twist of fate, I have gotten an offer for the job opportunity that I have been salivating over for some time but accepting said job would mean that I would have to leave my current comfortable situation at this office of the House of Biz.

As I think about it, a change of scenery wouldn’t be all bad…especially to get away from all of the good looking and well-off guys in New York. They are really blowing up my spot.

The new Equinox campaign from the self-coined “back and better than ever!” Fallon only reinforces the fact that I have become estranged from muscle (sure, I haven’t technically gained any weight, but my former muscle is now fat and I work too much to hit the gym regularly) and until I repair said relationship I have no hope of being painted by nuns, fawned over by bikini gals or invited to weird Great Expectations-esque parties:


Equinox is high-end enough and people are vain enough to be attracted by these ads, but I am clearly not the target nor am I particularly impressed.

I do like how the campaign is a clear departure from the typical gym advertising that I see (which anyway tends to be more promotional and empowering, neither of which are differentiating, interesting or brand-building) and have that fashion-magazine feel which makes Equinox seem more of a brand to align with than a club to join.

If I looked like one of the male models in these ads, I suspect that I would be able to nab The Pretty AE or, since she doesn’t seem to be all that into me, some other pretty lady with considerably more ease than has been the case to date.

I don’t look like one of them and even if I joined Equinox, got a personal trainer and stopped working so much I still wouldn’t. So much for making a date easier to find. But thank the lord that Fallon didn’t try to use “real people.

“Who wants to look at “real people” anyway?


9 responses to “working out is good but the equinox ads are better

  1. Sorry DB: Equinox has been running ads that resemble this for many, many years.
    And Crunch, one of their main competitors, has done some very clever, non-traditional stuff over the years.

    When I saw this campaign, which does nothing for me- it looks like dozens of other trying-really-hard-to-be-hip fashion ads and the line is confusing enough that most people won’t bother to try and figure it out– I was wondering when they were going to start running the Fallon work.

  2. I must not have been clear and apologize; I am only lukewarm in my liking of this work. I like how Equinox has not gone with typical workout shots or with the current trendy positioning of “real people” and “achievement is relative” (work that I have ben seeing for gyms like New York Sports Clubs and Lifetime Fitness in Minneapolis) when that is not what they are about.

    Yes, they have run ads like this for a long time but at least they are sticking with their brand and not becoming the competition.

    As an aside, I haven’t seen the Crunch stuff. Knowing that they are similar sort of undermines my “uniqueness” theory.

  3. Not sure that Fallon brought anything to the table here other than a name fashion photographer and even more confusing communication. Equinox has long peddled itself with generic beautiful bodies and the “it’s not fitness, it’s life” line. While it’s not a creative leap, it’s comprehensible, and worked inside the gym as well as outside.

    This stuff ups the visuals to Dolce & Gabbana territory, keeps the old line, and adds another layer of copy (Happy Ever) and then throws in the “After” language that has been used by weight loss companies.

    Bottom line, it feels less like a unified point of view, and more like a committee pot luck decision. Equinox brought its old tag line and fashion photography requirement, Fallon added in a new photographer, and its own new copy . . . voila . . . fashion!!

  4. From the way you talk about the House of Biz, a) how can you see it as “my comfortable situation” b) Read Sally Hogshead’s book Radical Careering, it will help make your decision c) if the offer is a better one (better staff, CD, creative, etc) go for it

  5. @ Notica: You make a good point. While I had looked at it from a “at least they didn’t change everything just because they could and end up just like every other gym,” you ask a key question: what did Fallon add? The photography is certainly nice. And I don’t mind the copy line, though it does add another layer as you mentioned. Beyond that…? At least they didn’t screw it up (and, like you said, the photography is good and the “stay the course” strategy makes sense). Lukewarm praise, but other campaigns have done worse.

    @ Zach O: I actually like my job and, most of the time, like working at the House of Biz, though it has its frustrations and foibles (some industry-specific and some job-specific). And if you can’t rant about frustrations and the like, what can you do on a blog?

    I will take your suggestion about reading the book though, I did a quick search on it and it sounds excellent. Thank you for the recommendation.

  6. I like the first ad – the one with the cake – because it has a vampire feel and I think vampires are sexy. Having said that … none of this would make me join a gym, much less an over priced one.
    I will however put in “the need for a sexy vampire” into EVERY brief I write from here on in and then one day, you dailybiz can critique some awful ad with a vampire that I produced – muah muah.

  7. Of course ranting keeps you young right. I mistook the sum of your rants as complete displeasure in the company as a whole but you enjoyed a specific few people. I have found that the people can make the work environment worth staying but sometimes if the company’s philosophy does agree with your own, there is a time to leave.

  8. daily biz, congrats on the offer. Just wondering: if it’s one you’ve been salivating over for some time, what’s the big hesitation? In my experience, if it doesn’t work out, you can probably bounce back to your old shop.

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