headhunter solicitation & the office linebacker

The House of Biz is one of those open-space, everyone is equal work environments where everyone has the same sort of desk area and account and creative people are dispersed throughout the office at random. Makes everyone seem like part of the same team and all that.

Yours truly sits next to an account executive and, though we sit next to each other, we don’t actually talk to each other but rather IM. We IM funny anecdotes, insults and assorted inanities throughout the day. In doing that just a minute ago she mentioned that a headhunter e-mailed her at work about a position (I know it’s not DaVinci since they’re so over headhunters…).

It seemed sort of weird to contact someone about a job through their work email. Apparently the headhunter found it on LinkedIn…thanks LinkedIn.

On a random note, being a headhunter always seemed like a fun job basely solely on uncorroborated “evidence”


Back to the headhunter. When I heard about this I immediately suggested that she politely decline but instead begin referring some of the under-performers of our agency to her. If we could get them to leave of their own accord it would mean a more pleasant work experience and no two weeks of pay if we had to fire them instead. Win-win!

It’s either a referral of them to this rude headhunter or we bring back the office linebacker:

Whether we sic the office linebacker on the under-performers, the headhunter or both is still up for discussion.


One response to “headhunter solicitation & the office linebacker

  1. This is why you should NEVER use your work email for LinkedIn- you do not want random headhunters and recruiters emailing you at work about jobs.

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