from uncreative to creative…i hope

There are days (like today) when nothing seems to get my creative side in gear. It could be a factor of a bad night’s sleep, a challenging parity product or the evanescence of my talent, all I know is that nothing is working.

If concepts were not due this afternoon, all would be well.

A copywriter that I admire very much (who is now at Carmichael Lynch) gave me advice that has stuck with me because darn it, it just plain works. He, and now I, always start an assignment by spending an hour or so writing everything down that we think about the project, product, category and, sometimes, account executive (is said account exec is, say, A Pretty One). Writing about the account executive is not fruitful territory for good advertising, but it can be fun.

Then, an hour or so is spent writing down the top of mind ad ideas that come out. After that, those ideas are either thrown away or hidden (they are inevitably crap…at least mine are) and it’s time to do something like shoot rubber bands, play XBox or blog.

After a while, I come back to the page and get started. Only after subconsciously thinking about it do the good ideas come out.

The issue is that I do not have time for this today, the ideas are needed NOW. Or, at least, they are needed this afternoon.

Luckily, sometimes, deadlines help my creativity too…


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