applebee’s ads are as tasty as the food

The Pretty AE was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday so I offered to bring by some food and she took me right up on the offer. I was over the moon about this…until I got to her place and realized that she had taken a few people up on the offer and this was not quite the one-on-one time that I had been hoping for, though it was still fun.

We turned on American Gladiators, as you would turn on any re-make of a classic that now features Hulk Hogan as host.

The show was surprisingly interesting (though we will see if the interest lasts past the novelty) and we were all getting into it.

And then the new Applebee’s spot with the Apple that shows off his “crib” by McCann Erickson came on…and there was silence.

For a good minute.

Until someone said “…whaaaat?”

Inspired to write a scathing review of the shockingly bad spot, I went to YouTube to find it and it got even worse. They had actually created a video of the “spokesperson casting” that showed different apples “trying out” for the part:

Not only are they making bad ads, but they fell for the idea that you could put a random video on YouTube, not build awareness for it, not give consumers a reason to go, etc and so on. I am sure that the marketing department, assured by folks at McCann, expected it to succeed.

It’s been up for three months and has, as of this post, garnered a measly 2,981 views.

Further proof that videos don’t just become viral if you wish them to be, that advertising is harder than it looks and that Applebee’s made the wrong choice when they went with McCann.


5 responses to “applebee’s ads are as tasty as the food

  1. Are these the ones with Wanda Sykes as the talking apple? yeah, I’m convinced that I’ve got underwear stains that are funnier than that woman.

    That being said, we don’t really know what happened behind the scenes. I don’t want to completely dump on McCann, because we don’t know what kind of client Applebee’s is. I have a feeling they’re difficult on good days and ambivalently destructive on their worst. I’m sure this wasn’t the first campaign McCann presented and I’m hoping it wasn’t their favorite.

  2. You make a good point: the client is just as, and in most cases mostly, culpable for a bad ad campaign. That said, the ad was awful…nobody even knew what to say.

  3. [quote]That said, the ad was awful…nobody even knew what to say.[/quote]

    oh yeah, they’re completely atrocious. everyone’s got proverbial blood on their hands with this one.

  4. Stephanie Tatum-Ford

    I just sent e-mail to Applebee’s company suggested they dump the ad, ditch the ad company and please please don’t air this ad anymore. It is the dumbest, most idiotic idea I have ever seen and I wouldn’t even go to an Applebee’s ..besides the fact there aren’t any where I live (Hawaii). The only consolation is that the local ads here in Hawaii are slightly better than the Applebee ads. Not saying much though

  5. The pathetic part is that even these insipid ads are a significant improvement over some of the schlock they tried to pass off as advertising previously. Based on their advertising and a couple of visits to the place when I had a gift certificate, I have no idea how Applebee’s manages to stay in business.

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