old spice slides in with another good spot

When I was first getting into the business my aunt, a planner at a big Chicago agency, always delighted in telling me that I couldn’t judge an ad until I considered the target. It didn’t matter if I didn’t like it if the target did.

Of course, she cared about effectiveness. And, as Ad Broad correctly states, there is often a reason that ad awards are not tied to sales.

Effectiveness should mean more than pure sales results and my aunt makes a good point about judging advertising. Your gut reaction is important, but if you are not the target it is critical to understand what they are looking for and seeing if the ad has it.

In the case of the Old Spice work by Wieden & Kennedy, they are spot in hitting the target and I just love the work. It is a classic send-up of traditional advertising for products in the category, is humorous, well-written and visually arresting:

This spot was easily the crowd favorite at the bar during the Giants game yesterday and, from having been in the middle of the bar crowd all game, I can confidently say that the men there were Old Spice’s target consumer.

A good ad and well targeted. Thank you Old Spice.


One response to “old spice slides in with another good spot

  1. Hey, thanks for the link, daily biz. (I wondered why a month-old post was coming up in the stats) So, you went into the family business, did you? Your aunt sounds like a very smart ad broad. I can’t say those Old Spice spots do much for me, which probably proves the point you are making here.

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