yep, these are my readers

This blogging thing is a lot of fun, with two parts about it that I like the most.

1. The comments from readers, which often turn into excellent banter as they have here, here and here.

2. The search terms that people use to find the blog. Somehow, people made there way here after Googling the following: greatest pick-up lines, AE muppet, sexy woman, WPP sucks, good sexy dressing up ideas, what happened to Macaulay Culkin, crazy dancing people and David Lubars + BBDO.



5 responses to “yep, these are my readers

  1. Funny, Daily Biz. I know what you mean. Last night, a googler in Oslo must have been terribly disappointed by my site after keying in “private publishing, porn.”

  2. I got “flesh eating disease 2007” once … they were probably not looking for my rant of The Big Agency.

  3. In June 2007, I pointed out a typo in an ad for Ketel One entitled “50 Best Movies of All Time.”

    I still get hits from people Googling Ketel One’s list.

  4. I know that I commented on the PETA campaign that had an execution with Macaulay Culkin in it, but I get searches for that every day…and even got “Macaulay Culkin naked” today. I shudder at the thought, both of him naked and of the person who wanted to see it.

    The internet is a scary place.

  5. Yikes. Culkin.

    Tried to backtrack through Google search results to find where someone might have come to my page, searching for David Lubars. But I found yours instead, WordPress’s “official” David Lubars blog, or whatever they call it. Nice!

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