ad age: please stop it with the video

It seems like everyone wants to get into the online video thing…and AdAge is no different than that rest. Their morning email blast is now nothing more than a bunch of links to online video reports.

I hate it.

I get the morning update at my office and like to read it at my office. I much less prefer to have to put my headphones on and listen to/watch a few AdAgers talk to me than to just read the precis and click the link. I am at work. I don’t want to watch videos at work.

Except, I will admit it, funny YouTube clips. But that’s it.

For my news, I like to have that delivered in a format that I can read. And perhaps step away from and later come back to. That I can cut and paste from to send to co-workers (or ex-coworkers as the case may be). That I can forward to the account team so they can send to a client.

You can’t do that with the crappy 3-minute video report or any of the rest of those video reports. Please go back to just printed news.

Am I a dinosaur?


3 responses to “ad age: please stop it with the video

  1. Nope you are not. I hate those stupid “min-video” things too and for the same reason as you – because I read my news at work and really a video is too intrusive and god forbid you actually got a phone call during the video … forget it you’ll never finish. But simple copy … you get interrupted and its easy to pick up where you left off. And to be frank those video’s stink of laziness to me … especially when they just link out to OTHER people’s videos.

  2. Ditto to both you and Jane, for all the same reasons.
    These videos are only slightly less annoying than websites that start talking or playing loud music the second you land on them.

  3. @ TT: I hate that sort of websites. ESPN always does it because I forget to turn the sound off…bugs the crap out of my. And blows my cover.

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