thank you for a great year

It is going to be difficult to top 2007. It was a big year for me…for all of us actually:


After that award, which still weighs heavily on my mind and on my trophy shelf, I started this blog and was lucky enough to get called out by AdPulp after less than a week in business:

I like to follow a link and find something fresh there that looks and feels like a discovery. I clicked into such a world this morning, when I followed a link to the daily (ad) biz…He writes funny posts about things like drinking away a hangover with “the pretty AE” that he has a crush on.

I was over the moon. The 10,000th reader turned up sometime in December, but I was too busy to commemorate it (in fact, like when you wait for an odometer to turn over at 100,000 miles, I was watching for it and totally missed it, noticing it again when it was above 11,000…crap). And this is my 350th post, a number that means nothing astrologically in any culture…but still seems like a nice, round number.

Things continued to get better as Tangerine Toad became an avid reader and commenter despite my blog paling in comparison to his. George Parker and Agency Tart, both deliciously more profane that I, also picked up some posts of mine to my added excitement. Agency Spy called my blog great, which was fantastic because there really is no better place for industry gossip.

I had a mini-spat with Copyblogger and then stumbled upon newer blogs Ad Broad and Dear Jane Sample and found that they had linked to me, and so had the Wall Street Journal in a sidebar to a few articles…and the year wasn’t even over yet.

Then AdPulp waded right back into my life by calling The Daily (Ad) Biz a 2007 notable addition to advertising blogging.

Though this all seems self-serving (and it probably is), I really wanted to call it out to say thank you to everyone. Whether you are a blogger who has linked to me, a first time reader, an avid Biz-er, or my loyal Mom who I know still logs on from multiple computers to drive my traffic numbers up, thank you.

This blogging thing started as a lark for me and it has been a lot of fun.

I appreciate the links, the comments, the emails and the page views. I know that these sorts of thanks usually go out at the end of the year, but this is advertising and everything seems to get out just a few days late and still be on time.

So it’s all good.


4 responses to “thank you for a great year

  1. Thanks, Daily Biz, for making me feel part of a world I didn’t even know existed this time last year. Hope 08 is another trophy year for you, for all of us.

  2. Thanks Daily biz! I hope you keep on blogging .. just so I can keep on reading.

  3. You’re kinda good at this blogging stuff, you know 😉

  4. Thank you!

    I approach blogging the same way I approach copywriting – with sheer terror every time I look at a blank page. Every time I start a new post I have that same fear that I will have lost my ability and have nothing to say…

    So far, my fears have been unfounded. So far.

    Thanks again, I appreciate the kind comments.

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