mother has a laugh with pot noodle

A commercial for a food product that shows said product being from the good Earth, honestly harvested by patriotic countrymen in a near-local area doesn’t sound, on its face, like it would be particularly original as it fits a lot of the “wellness,” “natural,” and “buy local” highlights you might find on a brief.

This is not that type of product. And not the expected type of commercial. Mother took things in a different direction with this spot for Pot Noodle:

Hilarious. Whoever sold in an ad that showed a food product being mined straight from coal rock in Wales is a genius…many clients would have said absolutely not to something that didn’t have over-styled beauty shots of the product heroed in every second of the spot.

Silly clients, this spot shows that sometimes you just need to be able to laugh at yourself.


One response to “mother has a laugh with pot noodle

  1. Isn’t Pot Noodles the first (or one of the first) clients Mother did work for all those years ago?

    I vaguely remember some very funny spots with a cat.

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