laying siege to the pretty ae’s desk

It is tough to be back in the office today…I am sort of walking around in a daze (thinking to myself just how attractive The Pretty AE is in her new plaid skirt) not doing much of anything so far.

Luckily, I have a little desk toy that a friend got me for Christmas to remember my vacation by:


That’s right, it is a desk catapult. It even comes with ammunition.

I plan to lay siege to The Pretty AE’s desk and, once inside the ramparts (that sounds more forward than I mean it)…I will likely just talk to her politely about her holiday and tell her – sort of red-faced because it’s hard to tell how appropriate it is, especially in an office – how nice she looks today. Following a nice chat, I will pack up my desk catapult, go back to my desk and start shooting paper clips at people who walk by.

I need a vacation.


One response to “laying siege to the pretty ae’s desk

  1. THAT IS SOOOOOO AWSOM-not that is notheing to post why did u even post that???

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