diageo’s online rfp points to the future

Spirits-maker Diageo has posted an RFP online. Sure, it’s only a $5,000 gig to put together a responsible drinking message for the Super Bowl, but the fact that they are going all open source-style on this is a big step for an otherwise stuffy and corporate company.


There are still over nine hours left to get some ideas together and over to Diageo…which is more time than I usually get.

It would be interesting to use the internet to harness the creative talents of (and cater to the freedom and independent drive of) advertising creatives sort of like how Google uses servers – in clustered “clouds” that come online and go offline as needed. A creative collective would join up online and would be served projects electronically, with interested creatives able to pitch ideas to the projects that interested them. It would be the perfectly nimble agency, pairing the right talent with the right project every time and completely avoiding the killer overhead of a swanky office on Madison Avenue and those dozens of functionally illiterate account execs.

There are details to be worked out of course (and once I do, I plan to keep them to myself in the vain hope of striking it rich through a new agency model), but I think this could work.

Please excuse me while I work like mad on this RFP for the next nine hours.


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