eight for 2008

The beginning of a new year is as good of a reason as any to start making lists. It’s okay, everyone is doing it…and it’s easy! It’s easy because the list format is very straightforward and, better yet, nobody ever goes back twelve months to check your predictions and laugh at you if you are wrong.

A list is the perfect way to pose as an expert without the worry of repercussions if one proves not to be.

With that in mind, I present the completely unscientific, yet surprisingly credible list of eight things that will be interesting in the coming year:

1. The 30-second TV spot will continue to play a major role in branding because of its ability to broadly deliver a compelling, creative and brand-building message, because it gives the brand the institutional credibility of a TV buy and because clients like to shoot TV spots. The 30-second spot is not dead and won’t die in 2008.

2. Interactive will continue to grab a larger share of marketing dollars, but those dollars will not be spent on social networking sites (at least not with any measurable success).

3. Brands will begin to look for creative agencies that are also able to creatively plan and buy media.

4. The “youth vote” is going to turn out to be just as ephemeral (read: non-existent despite all the hype) as it has always been.

5. “Buy local” will replace “organic” as the next big thing for your typical upscale urban and ex-urbanites.

6. Consumers will be fully empowered, because of this webbernet thing, to see through advertising, meaning that if you don’t have a quality product (that online consumer reviews talk up), it won’t matter which agency you choose.

7. Carbon credits will be the “Tickle Me Elmo” for adults: if you need something to give a trendy urbanite for any occasion, just Google carbon credits.

8. The Daily (Ad) Biz blog will continue to gain readers, ending the year as a major force for in the advertising business and using all of that force for good (remember, you have to wait twelve months before you can call bullshit on me!).


3 responses to “eight for 2008

  1. I’m in agreement with points 1 through 7 and hoping that point 8 comes true at some level. Carbon credits is a good call– I’d also add that most people who are impressed by having them won’t be able to tell you what they actually are.

  2. I am glad that you agree…even though number eight was clearly less than serious (though I wouldn’t be disappointed should it happen).

  3. so true. but we can hope for some change. maybe we silly kids will be voting in droves this year. either way, i definitely agree with your tickle-me elmo reference.

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