the best of the brits

[Editor’s Note: WordPress has been a challenge and is not uploading posts and has been finicky on comments. Apologies for both.]

The British Television Advertising Awards were as you would expect: excellent. The work was so compelling that, even though I was desperately hung over, I was bolt upright in my chair and focused the entire time.

If you can lay your hands on the reel or, better yet, watch a showing in a theater (because you’ll be in a crowd and can see just how much they like certain spots) I highly recommend it.

The Sony Bravia spot by Fallon London won Best in Show:

The Daily (Ad) Biz award for Best in Show goes to this spot for IRN BRU by The Leith Agency:

In addition to it being devilishly funny, the animation is fantastic, the song is original and haunting and the spot is extremely memorable.

Well done (and more to be said on this subject on my return from vacation).


One response to “the best of the brits

  1. It’s gray, cold and colorless in upstate NY where I’m weekending, daily biz. Thanks for brightening the day with these colo(u)rful spots. Both pencil worthy, imho.

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