merry christmas

I am traveling tomorrow, heading back home to the frozen tundra that is Minneapolis for another vacation, time with the family, a Christmas celebration, etc and so on. Luckily, I make up for all the days off by working eighteen hour days when I am in the office.

Can’t wait to get on that plane. Like Tangerine Toad, I am over this flying thing and expect the worst every time I have to fly because airlines always seem to deliver just that. Northwest, with your skint charging for aisle seats, and American, I haven’t forgiven you for that time you kept your plane on the runway in Dallas for two hours without air conditioning, are the worst offenders as far as I am concerned. AirTran gets a pass because their employees, especially in Atlanta, actually seem happy to help you. Weird, right?

Anyway, I will be posting through the holidays but just in case I go a little crazy with the egg nog, I wanted to send out Christmas wishes to all of my readers.

Merry Christmas.

Now get back to work, agency slaves – it’s not Christmas until Tuesday!


2 responses to “merry christmas

  1. Hope u made it, dailybiz. Writing this from not-quite-so-frozen tundra in Ohio after a flight from hell on US Airways. Good news: flight was on time. No news: luggage arrived 22 hours later. Merry Christmas.

  2. Thank you! I leave this afternoon and, with the weather here, I am pretty convinced that it will be evening before my flight gets out of LaGuardia. Oh well.

    Sorry to hear about your travel situation, but at least you weren’t 22 hours later than your luggage, right?

    It’s the little things.

    Merry Christmas.

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