mcdonald’s & one big burger

I like when fast food restaurants, especially the traditional burger guys, just tell it like it really is and stop tip-toeing around the fact that their burgers are big, greasy, unhealthy and totally indulgent. They are not something that you should have every day, but doesn’t that make the times that you do have them better?

At least until you’re in the bathroom and hour later.

DDB Stockholm took that strategy and ran with it for the new McDonald’s Big N’ Juicy burger launch where they created this fantastic outdoor piece:


It made me laugh, is pretty creative and it definitely makes me think that the Big N’ Juicy is exactly what the name says…even though I am pretty sure that it’s not.

From i believe in advertising.


8 responses to “mcdonald’s & one big burger

  1. Anti-obesity PSA’s should really advertise the fact that Mc’s and BK’s give you the runs. Do this whole “don’t take your date to the local burger joint” thing with the cute chick getting the runs after eating there. Now that would work!

  2. I feel like that may have hit a little close to home…

    Just kidding (I hope)

  3. Okay – serious face on for a second – I personally have no clue what transfats, calories and all that stuff actually means. I know fast food is not “good for me” but hey it tastes good and its cheap. I think the biggest mistake the anti-obesity/anti-fast food people make is that they do not communicate the negatives of eating fast-food in a way that the average person will understand. Telling me that the burger has 300 transfats, tells me nothing. But telling me that eating the burger will result in eh … certain reactions and why this is not good. Now that will actually clue me into the what damage fast food can do to my body.

  4. That is a good point and (using all of my mental strength to not make a potty joke) is one that many “social health” crusaders need to realize. They may be familiar with and know what arcania like 300 transfats means, but most people don’t. And if you talk about things people don’t know (or care) about, they will ignore you.

    I didn’t mean to not take you seriously at first. I’m just immature at times. I can admit it.

  5. You’re immature?? I just did this test on my blog, which tells you what reading level people need to understand my blog … and guess what reading level my log is??? JUNIOUR HIGH, so all those potty jokes are straight up my alley.

  6. It’s funny, when I first tried that a week or so ago this blog was at “College Level” and I felt pretty good because, well, I write for a living and one would hope that it would score high. I did it again when you posted it and I am down to “High School” level.

    Which isn’t bad since I have a fair amount of typos and incomplete sentences…but I thought that potty jokes, if done with complicated grammar that included subjunctives and dependent clauses and the like, would get me a high score.

    Apparently not.

    And I am fine with the slow lowering of the reading level of this blog. It makes it more accessible to a wider audience, right?

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  8. It just means you don’t sound like a pompous ass who thinks he “knows” everything … who wants to read THAT blog? Unless you are writing about calculus or rocket science, your blog should not have the reading level of a post-grad. But that’s just my opinion.

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