sonic’s got it, others don’t

Sonic’s fairly long-running campaign has always been a Biz favorite, even though I can never seem to find a Sonic restaurant after seeing the ads and that always frustrates the crap out of me. The advertising, by independent Barkley in Kansas City, is the best for a restaurant that I have seen:

It is the type of ad that relies very much on the casting to pull off the dry humor and make the spot interesting. It is also the type of ad that manages to show and talk about the product for pretty much the whole time without the consumer actually noticing that fact. Which, when the competition is running ads that spend the whole running time on a close-up of the food, is a real win.

I am not the only one who approved. AdPulp reports that the Sonic spot above was one of the most highly recalled restaurant commercials of the year, according to an IAG Research report.

Unfortunately, Subway (that producer of awful, bang-your-head-on-a-wall it’s so bad, I-preemptively-throw-up-when-I-turn-on-the-TV-just-in-case-I-see-one-of-their-spots advertising) had two spots that also scored high on recall, further proving that people don’t just remember ads because they are good.


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