man down

It’s the time of year in the ad industry…when every single project goes to the wire, industry rats rarely see home and Christmas can’t come soon enough. There is just too much to do before the holidays and too few clients around to approve it.

At least that is my excuse.

And I am not the only one. The office here was positively hopping last night at 10:30 with a good half of all staff still at their desks working away like little underpaid, over-hip worker bees (worker bees who complain about ordering sushi for dinner again…you know what, if you want something different, sort it out yourself). It’s not just crazy here at the House of Biz, either.

Agency Tart is down for the count, getting ready for a big presentation.

Tangerine Toad is snowed under (relevant for one who gets a lot of readers from Sweden) it seems, based on lack of recent posts.

And Dear Jane Sample is advising young, impressionable ad workers to take up smoking.

It’s that time of year in the ad industry again. No wonder so many agencies resort to making videos – acting crazy is the only way to stay sane.


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