complaining about advertising is fun

Only in advertising, despite the job being far more fun and interesting that most, is there so much complaining about the job (also, because it is advertising, much of the complaining is breakthrough, interesting and convincing – it’s a wonder anyone wants to work at an agency). Obviously I am as guilty of it as anyone though I do like working in the industry.

Most days.

There are other days when all of the things that cause complaints in the world of advertising come home to roost and you think that you really, really should have considered truck driving school or something. At least that is where I am today.

Which is why I laughed so hard at this video I found over at Ad Broad. The only thing missing is Johnny Brand Manager who tells you that you need another logo in the layout and, sorry, but you also have to change to copy to reflect a new “strategic partnership” and, by the way, add the “strategic partner’s” logo and, really, all those logos need to be bigger. And we are releasing today.

Otherwise, the video is spot-on:


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