another drink with the pretty ae

The past few days have seen The Pretty AE being very friendly with a Senior Art Director who happens to be an inch taller and about fifty pounds more muscley than I. It was not a good sign. Coupled with the server going down and all of this work coming through, I read the omens as even worse than I would normally.

And then The Pretty AE just asked me if I wanted to go and get a drink.

Of course, she could have asked because she wants to tell me how she has the hots for this Senior Art Director or, most appallingly, that she is with him and doesn’t know how to tell people. But that optimistic part of me wants to believe that she asked me because flirting with the other guy has shown her just how lame everyone else is compared to me and that there is nobody else she would rather get a drink with.

And really, why wouldn’t she be enamored of me, a man who lives off of writing headlines, pale and thin and interestingly verbose?


One response to “another drink with the pretty ae

  1. So???? How was drinks? C’mon, dailybiz, we’re all rooting for you. BTW, thanks much for the callout in your latest post. I agree, a few key points are missing from the video, but it was made in 2000 before strategic dalliances, oops alliances became rampant.

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