don’t try this in america

It’s funny how different standards are between advertising in the United States and in Europe. Take this ad for the Austrian furniture store XXXLutz:


The line reads “tableware for his and hers” and the visual is…well…straighforward. I am all for sexual jokes and innuendo (it’s probably the reason that I am not getting anywhere with The Pretty AE), but to put it in an ad, found at Ads of the World, is something that would never happen in America.

I once saw a portfolio come into my agency that had an campaign for Brooklyn Lager and made a very similar series of jokes. The poor guy had no chance at being asked for an interview because ads like that are too easy, will never run here and don’t show a mature and revolutionary thought process.

That said, it would be fun to slip something like that past the client and get it produced…


2 responses to “don’t try this in america

  1. I know what you mean about geopolitics, daily biz. I worked on a global skincare brand once. In Europe, the print ads featured near-naked women– which horrified US brand managers who reshot the models fully clad. But the Europeans were equally disturbed by the “violence” of US sales materials which dramatized numbers blasting through charts. I applaud your obsession with Pretty AE–perhaps she is blogging about Reticent CW.

  2. I agree with the crass comment on these ads. I saw them up there too and was kind of surprised. What do you think about the forums on that site and the people presenting work there? Seems like most of the work gets railed all the time. Then again, most of it is pretty lame (great production values though)

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