the greatest pickup line ever used by a junior ae

My agency’s holiday party was last night and, despite the weather that delayed our trip to the venue, it was a success – the bonuses were good, the drinks flowed freely and we made the most of the weather delays.

It wasn’t primarily a success because of anything with The Pretty AE, though we had a fine time.

It was primarily a success because of the pick-up line a certain junior AE used on our new receptionist. He said to her, and I quote, “I am going to flip this coin and if it lands on heads then, well, you know…”

Needless to say, he was unsuccessful.

Though, surprisingly, he was also not slapped.

But we who heard about his crass attempt at some action were successful is using a Sharpie to marker up his face to an impressive degree after waiting for him to pass out in a booth at the diner.


3 responses to “the greatest pickup line ever used by a junior ae

  1. Personally I’ve always been a fan of the George Raft classic… “Stick with me kid and you’ll fart through silk.” Another one for the more mature ladies is… “Is your mother expecting you home tonight?” There’s lots more, but you have to have been round the block a few times.

  2. My favorite: “Hey do you know how much a polar bear weighs?” …. “Enough to break the ice. Hi I’m Bill.” (hand outstretched)

    Drunk girls love this.

  3. I’m going to butt in here with my “female perspective” now and point out that pick up lines don’t work. The woman makes the choice of whether or not your getting any and it does not depend on whatever line you try to pull on her at that moment. So unless you say something completley stupid … what you say makes no difference.
    I will point out though that if the receptionist had been the one to pull out that pick up line … she would have been extremely successful.

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